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Hill-Tribe or ‘mountain people’ is a term used in Southeast Asia for all of the ethnic groups who inhabit the high mountainous regions in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. These areas are known for their often mountainous terrain which in many areas are covered by thick forest. We use Hill-Tribe silver from these regions in our designs.  We work with Hill-Tribe women who are beautiful craftswomen and artisans.

Women Supporting Women

Environmental Stewardship


We are a new company making a commitment to be environmentally conscious and not participate in the active destruction of our planet.  We try to use sustainably gathered materials sourced from artisans around the globe through fair trade partnerships by offering better trading conditions to and securing the rights of marginalized producers and workers in Southeast Asia. We use Hill-Tribe silver in many of our designs since it's the highest silver content with the least copper and metal alloys. We source with our small and ethically responsible pearl company who strive to work with pearl farmers who cultivate pearls sustainably.  We try to ensure that the production methods comply with the agreed sustainability standards.  We also try as much as we can to trace our stones to the mine with information of its origins. We are a new company that continually strives to be better with respect to our planet and our fragile ecosystem in which we live and work.

Misty Slopes
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