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A mother, investor, film producer and a humanitarian eco-designer, I am inspired by the natural surroundings of San Francisco, Big Sur and Park City, my birthplace Vietnam, my family and the family of friends along my life journey of crossing cultures.  Just as my jewelry is a delicate balance of beauty, culture and integrity, my life is a balance of raising my three children with my partner, my commitment to social justice, the environment and to live life in many chapters without fear of judgement but rather, to own my whole story with honesty and integrity.

NAJALOCKWOOD aims to be a small company of women helping other women while creating a distinctive and luxurious piece of art that melds seamlessly with environmental and social stewardship.  An independent company free from the constraints of traditional jewelry houses, NAJALOCKWOOD is redefining beauty.  All pieces are handmade by Southeast Asian Hill-Tribe women and artisans in the spiritual land of Big Sur. We make limited handmade pieces focused on quality and workmanship. The value of our pieces is not about the latest fashion nor designs but more about the culture of the people who makes them. The continuation of the arts and culture and the respect for our land are so vital to our children's future.

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