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This necklace consist of moonstone combined with small Hill-Tribe silver nuggets, all hand hammered in varying shapes to make this elegant necklace.  Moonstone is the stone of mother moon, deep healing waters and sacred feninine energies. The inspiration for this piece comes of the 19th century collection of royal antiques of the Nguyen Dynasty at the National History Museum of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Moonstone Heart Shape Silver Princess Necklace

  • Moonstone: 14 heart shape moonstones.

    Silver Nuggets:  Hand Hammered Hill-Tribe Silver; 97%-99% Pure Silver.  1%-3% Copper.

    Clasps, Extensions and Chain: Hill-Tribe silver; 97%-99% Pure Silver.  1%-3% Copper.

    Length: Necklace:  15-17 inches.

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