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There is a legend of Tahitian god, Oro, who used rainbows to visit the land, giving mother of pearl its iridescence and entrancing rainbow of colors. These Tahitian round pearls are combined with hammered Hill-Tribe silver curved tubes and labradorite beads of Madagascar to form this modern timeless necklace. 

Vietnamese Hill-Tribe Tahitian Pearl Necklace

  • Tahitian Round Pearls: The dents and unique shapes of each pearls are natural. We did not do any fillings or rounding of these pearls. It is how it appears in nature. Can be worn single or double wrapped. 

    Labradorite beads: Madagascar in origin.

    Curved Tubes:  Hilltribe Silver; 97%-99% purest silver. 1%-3% is Copper.

    Clasps: Sterling Silver hammered claps.

    Earrings: Tahitian Round Pearls and  Hill-Tribe Silver.

    Length: 46 inches.

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