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The Montagnard are indigenous people of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The French during Colonial times gave these people the name, which means ‘people of the mountain’.  It is the inspiration for this necklace by the designer which consists of white shimmering baroque pearls combined with a Hill-Tribe silver centerpiece interlaid with Hill-Tribe silver nuggets, Hill-Tribe silver spheres and Hill-Tribe spacers throughout the piece.

Vietnamese Montagnard Adjustable Choker

  • Pearls: 6 White Freshwater Baroque Pearls

    Centerpiece, Nuggets, Spheres and Spacers: Hammered Hill-Tribe Silver: 97%-99;  1%-3% Copper.

    Black String: Pre-washed organic waxed cotton preventing any stains on body nor clothes.  Strings all hand knotted by the Hill-Tribe people which is incredibly time consuming and laborious. Young Hill-Tribe children wear these waxed cotton necklaces which lasts them a lifetime.

    Length: 18-20 inches.

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